global leadership

We're world leaders in the umbrella market. But our vision goes beyond status. It's about leading by example. We inspire others to do their next best thing too. And we're only just getting started: We didn't come this far only to come this far.

know no boundaries

Innovation is just something we do. It's in our blood. So if you want to know what's next, our mission remains simple: to continue to think differently about the weather and how we make stuff. After all, that's how we ended up inventing the world's strongest umbrella.

“Its architectural integrity is as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter‘s”


“Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe”

The Wall Street Journal

“Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage…. The Blunt umbrella‘s intelligent design might actually convert this hater”